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Request dx6.eu services

You can request dx6.eu services via the form below. Applications will be processed within 24 hours.



Terms of use

By requesting dx6.eu services you will agree to follow effectual laws of Finland and dx6.eu terms of use.


dx6.eu terms of use:

1. Account is for personal use only

2. All kind of abusive behaviour is forbidden

3. Free services are meant for people who really needs them. These free services are not meant for people who are just hoarding free services.



Application form

To request dx6.eu services you will have to fill the form below. Depending of services you are requesting, account name will work as your; email address (account@dx6.eu), ident in irc (account@dx6.eu) and as your www-address http://dx6.eu/~account/


Name / Nickname


Your email address (for contact)


Account name you want (only small letters, no special characters)


Select service(s) you are requesting

IRC-bouncer (BNC)

Email box

Shell account

Web hosting


NOTICE: If you are requesting dx6.eu shell account, tell us little bit what you are planned to do with it.



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