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dx6.eu - Hobby-based linux server


dx6.eu provides free hobby-based internet services like linux shells, email boxes, IRC-bouncers and web hosting. Services are flexible and will be developed according to user feedback.


www.dx6.eu website is hand-coded by using notepad++ -program. Used programming languages are HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Website is designed to be lightweight and fast to browse. This should work fine with all modern browsers.



dx6.eu free services

- Shell account

- IRC-bouncer (ID@HOST account@dx6.eu)

- Web hosting (PHP, MySQL)

- Email (account@dx6.eu) + webmail

- Pre-installed WordPress



dx6.eu Minecraft server

dx6.eu has its own Minecraft server. Address for the server is minecraft.dx6.eu. Server is open for everyone. Server type is Minecraft 1.12.


Default game mode for new players is survival. If you want to focus on building, you can ask for creative mode from maintenance.



dx6.eu Unreal Tournament Server

dx6.eu has its own UT99 server. Address for the server is unreal.dx6.eu. Server is open for everyone. Theres few bots to speed up the game.


You can also request this server for private use if you want.




Upload and share images easily and anonymously. Usage doesn't require registeration or any personal information about uploader.



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